Do I Need to Replace Ductwork When Installing a New HVAC System?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and is responsible for heating and cooling your home. It includes products such as ovens, air conditioners, heat pumps, as well as ductwork, thermostats and other home comfort controls. Installing ducts requires removing parts of the walls, floor and other areas of the house, which can increase the total cost of installing HVAC. Therefore, many people opt for a modern ductless HVAC system.

When it comes to replacing an air conditioner, it is not always necessary to replace the ducts. However, many contractors suggest replacing them to ensure maximum efficiency and air quality. Some signs that it is time to replace the air conditioning system are the age of the unit, expensive utility bills, expensive repairs, temperature instability, strange noises and excess dust. Most HVAC system replacements can be completed in one day.

However, more complex jobs may take longer. In addition, while most HVAC contractors can update wiring and circuit breakers during a typical HVAC installation, major changes to the property's electrical system and circuitry may require the services of an authorized electrical contractor. Replacing an oven and air conditioner combination is cost-effective if repair prices approach 30 percent of the cost of an entirely new HVAC unit.

If the ducts in a home are in good condition, homeowners may opt to replace them.

The main advantage of a split heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is that there is no need to replace the oven and air conditioning at the same time.

The climate at the geographical location of a home also affects the total price of replacing the HVAC unit. One way to save on replacement costs for HVAC units is to buy the cheapest option. However, there are other ways to save without compromising quality. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies may offer discounts on more expensive options such as a zoned system.

In addition, many local energy companies offer discounts or rebates on upgrading or replacing a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system if it is an energy efficient option. The costs of replacing HVAC units can be high and additional costs associated with the project can add up quickly. If the HVAC unit is not working properly, homeowners may notice more dust in their home than usual and it may be time to replace it. If the cost of repairing the HVAC unit is 30 percent or more of the total cost of replacing it, homeowners should choose to replace the HVAC system.

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